Australian Rib-Eye steak

For 100 days dry-aged, highly marbled, grain-fes Australian Angus beef rib-eye.

The Rib-Eye steak is the fleshier part of the rib spine. When excision, the rob bone is left on it, the spinal bone is removed from it. It is characterized by an intense beef flavor, thanks to its proper marbling, which is further enhanced by dry ripening! Due to its looser fiber structure and higher degree of marbling, it is more succulent and juicy than the sirloin.


U.S.D.A. Prime New York Strip

The king of steaks. The rich marbling inherent in the meat results in an intense taste and a unique gastronomic experience. What does the USDA Prime designation mean on American steaks? Beef marketed and exported in the States is certifies as appropriate to its quality by teh United States Department of Agriculture based on marbling, fat content, and other criteria. Prime stands for excellent quality.


Uruguay Rib-Eye steak

Ribeye is one of the most popular steak varieties in the world. It is characterized by an intense beef taste. Its texture in incredibly gentle and its taste makes for one of the most intense steak experiences.


Angus T-Bone

The two worlds

The T-Bone Steak got its name because of the characteristic T-shaped spinal sole bone, which has the sirloin on one side and the tenderloin on the other. The literature distinguishes between T-Bone and Porterhouse where, while the size of the tenderlion in the former should not exceed the size of a golf ball, in the latter it can be any size. It is a truly gourmet dish, as we can taste two flavors and fiber structures at teh same time (sirloin and tenderloin).


Ripened beef chuck

Dry-ripened meat, which loses part of its water content during maturation, which makes the taste more concentrated, while the various enzymes that accumulate in the meat make it more powdery. Dry-ripened steak. The taste of meats aged in meat ripeners is intense, and the texture becomes wonderfully soft. Dry ripening takes place with controlled humidity, temperature and proper air circulation, so high-quality meat acquire an even more intense taste and aroma.


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